Photocopier: Installing SSS-Print Queue on MacOS Devices

Installer package will be attached to email or ticket

  • You will need to save the application (SSS-Printer-Install.pkg) to your desktop and double click to commence the install.

If you receive an error message please refer to Steps 1-4, prior to completing the Install Prompts Steps 5-13.

1.  From the Apple menu navigate to System Preferences click Security & Privacy icon

2. Click on the padlock and enter your device username and password

3. Ensure the option App store and identified developers is selected and that SSS-Printer-Install.pkg is visible and click on Open Anyway

4. In the confirmation box click on Open and quit out of System Preferences 


5. Click on Continue

6. Click on Continue

7. Click on Install

8. Enter the username and password used to log into your device

9. Installation is successful, click on close to complete

10. Once installed please move application to your Bin.


11. Send document to "sss-print" and click on printer icon on your dock

12. Click on backwards arrow to display the username/password screen

13. Enter your firstname.lastname and School password and tick "Remember this password in my keychain"

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